5 Steps To Write A Complete Blog Post?

Wrote a catchy title…

Wrote Rubbish content…

Added few stupid outbound links….

Completed the formalities (tags, category selection, featured image)

Finally, Wrote a new blog post. Voila, added 1 more post to my blog. :)

If that’s what you do than stop it!

Because you are doing it all wrong. This isn’t complete blog post published by a real blogger . Complete blog post is something that you dig inside your brain. Then research on your thoughts, take inspirations, and then start writing your very own thoughts. Finally publish and give something valuable to your reader. It’s exactly called a complete blog post.

Your Blog posts are only the way to show the people who you are passionate expert blogger. So blog posts needs to be something very useful and informative. If you are an awesome blogger than it doesn’t matter How often you blog. People will still come to read your blog.

One very Good example is of Jacob King, He is SEO expert and blogs very often but whenever he writes; He writes something very useful and valuable no matter about what.

Now, How to write a complete blog post?

Step 1. Think about your topic:

This is the first thing you have to do, Simply start thinking about different interesting topics to write about. Specially think about the topic you are in the mood to write.

Like In my blog, I write anything related to blogging. which gives me wide range of topics to choose from. I can write about SEO, Blog Design, Blog Monetization, Blog Security etc.  So If I get bored from a particular topic then I switch to next.

Step 2. Research what people are looking for:

This is the technical part because here you need to understand certain things.

I suggest you to do a quick reading of:

How to write a blog post that drives quick and easy traffic?

For finding the keywords that most of the people search I use Google adwords Keyword tool, Its Free.  It’s a very useful stuff created by Google Team to help content writers to find keywords. Use this keyword tool to find less competitive keywords. After getting the keywords, search it on Google and find out what other bloggers are writing about it. Take inspiration and write points somewhere in rough.

Step 3. Start writing your own thoughts:

We have everything ready, Start writing your post with your own views and experiences. Don’t write anything that doesn’t work, Give your reader something valuable. Make sure that you have a proper knowledge of whatever you are writing so that you wont have to Google when a commentator asks anything related to your topic. Never write anything incomplete, List every possible resources and tools to help your readers.

Step 4. Dress up your Content:

  • Add meta data (meta title, meta description, meta keywords)
  • Check for Spelling and Grammars
  • Add inbound and outbound links
  • Check your keyword density
  • Use h1, h2, h3 tags, underline, bold and italic
  • Check commas, full stops etc.
  • Add proper tags
  • Choose proper category
  • Add a featured image

Step 5. Polish your blog post

Now preview your blog post and read it properly (at least once). After reading your post you will come to know missing elements. You will also be able to find out if there is any mistake in your content. Improvise it.

Finally Click that classy Publish button!

This is the professional way of writing a complete blog post. Isn’t?

I want to hear your views? How do you write a complete blog post? Feel free to add comments.

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