Responsiveness Testers for Your WordPress Theme

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Improve your chances of getting a truly responsive WordPress Theme by testing the demo in one of many Responsiveness Testers.

Yo-Yo Scrolling Got You (almost) Down?

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When you can’t scroll down, you be Yo-Yo Scrolling. What is this phenomenon that got you bouncing up and down on some blogs? And how do you get rid of it?

Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes in Action

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See the most popular Premium WordPress themes in action by checking out example sites that use them.

New WordPress Theme Search: WordPress by Example

WordPress by Example

Use this new WordPress Theme Search to find real world examples of WordPress Themes from different developers, both free and premium.

Fly Box Plugin for WordPress: Decrease Your Bounce Rate

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A Fly Box Plugin can help you to seriously decrease your bounce rate. It is a subtle yet effective way to show a list of related posts to your user.

Best WordPress Slider Plugins: Top 11

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Sliders, or carousels as they are often referred to, are now the de facto standard for any site. Sliders allow to simultaneously display a vast amount of content on any part of your page, maximizing web real estate and user impact. A professional slider is fast, reliable, fully customizable and slick. It instills confidence in […]

15 Best WordPress Diary Notebook Style Themes

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WordPress Diary Notebook Theme A WordPress Diary Notebook theme gives a personal touch to your blog. It makes you feel like it’s your own notebook, which everyone is reading. So when everyone is reading this notebook, it should look beautiful. Below I have made a list of Best and latest notebook/diary style WordPress Themes. These […]