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Selecting the right WordPress theme for you and your business or blog can be a daunting task. There are thousands of themes out there, both free and premium. How do you find that perfect fit? How can you find your way through the ‘theme forest’?

WordPress by Example just might be the help you’ve been looking for. It’s a new WordPress Theme Search that scours the net for sites that use WordPress themes and displays them in a grid layout for a quick overview.

Want to search by keyword? Go ahead, get as specific as you like, all the way down to ‘motherboard’ or ‘frogs’.

Want to find all themes offered by a certain theme developer or merchant?
Just type in ‘author: X’, and all themes made by author X will be displayed.

Want to see how others are using a theme you are considering?
Input the name of the theme, and you’ll get legions of example theme applications by other theme mates.

View WordPress by Example

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And that’s exactly it: the keyword to describe this search engine is “example”. The search results do not just consist of links to theme developers or merchant sites. They display themes in action as used and applied by other bloggers, businesses or hobbyists.

The overview gives you a good feel for the theme and how far you can stretch it. You can test these sample sites on different devices and platforms to see how your potential theme choice functions in different environments. Try it in different browsers, too, to check it for responsiveness.

Developer or merchant demos always show you the best case scenario, how the theme works given the right WordPress version, on their server, with the slickest images, and with all complications ironed out. Real world examples, on the other hand, give you a more realistic look at the theme’s look and functionality.

You can set out to find a unique obscure theme to suit the originality of your content, but you can also get an overview of most used themes, free or premium, across all vendors or developers. You also have access to the stats on the most popular theme vendors.

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WordPress by Example gives you an opportunity to view a theme from many perspectives and make a truly informed decision about your next WordPress theme choice. WordPress by Example is an essential tool in a designer’s toolbox, a real world WordPress theme directory.

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