WordPress Fashion Themes – A List Of Best 10

WordPress Fashion Themes

If you know what CR Fashion Book is then you’ve surely come to the right place to select your next WordPress Fashion Theme. If you don’t know, but are itching to find out, then you definitely got the fashion bug and you’ll find what you need here.

Becoming your own fashion editor in chief is easy with these Premium WordPress Fashion Themes. You supply the content, the theme will take care of the rest. It’ll keep you organized, plugged into the most popular social networks, and looking slick and well put-together all along your blogging journey.


WordPress Fashion Themes: RockWell
This theme absolutely rocks. 4,588 users(and couting) will agree. The classic color scheme of black, white and red and the bold use of fonts make it a winning frame for any style of images. Its slider with dynamic transition effects, and the unbelievable amount of layout options make me wonder: why the heck am I not using this theme myself? Oh, almost forgot, this is not a fashion blog!

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Simple Mag

WordPress Fashion Themes: SimpleMag
Simple Mag has won users over with its understated elegance and minimalist flair. Elegant and strong, Simple Mag is seamlessly responsive on mobile devices and allows for extensive customization. Warning all theme junkies: this theme is seriously addictive. So much so I use it on my personal blog.

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WordPress Fashion Themes: Hickory
Hickory is an editorial style theme that makes a confident entrance. Just installing it makes you feel like a fashion editor. Its expert use of fonts and well balanced layout make blogging a pure pleasure, fashionable post after fashionable post.

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WordPress Fashion Themes: Impulse
You may have it in you to become the next Garance Doré. Well, you never know until you try. And this theme will certainly get you half way there with its sophisticated and professional demeanor. Impulse has the looks of a high class magazine and the functionality of a well oiled and competitive website. Impulse is certainly dressed to impress.

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WordPress Fashion Themes: Valenti
Valenti is modern, loud and not apologizing for it anytime soon. You want this queen of WordPress fashion themes on your team if you like to be remembered. It’s got a serious amount of customization options, and its parallax image effect makes it memorable and unique. A most reliable partner.

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WordPress Fashion Themes: Hades
I love Hades for its upbeat style and sharp glamour. Your readers will feel like they have their finger on the pulse of fashion with this theme. Bold and fun with even a built in Breaking News Module, Hades is the perfect WordPress Fashion tabloid theme.

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Good Space

WordPress Fashion Themes: Good Space
Good Space is very very clean. If you want your theme to feel like a breath of fresh air on a cool winter morning, then, by all means, go into that Good Space. I include this theme in this WordPress Fashion Themes top 10 list because it’s a very good all purpose theme. You can take it in any direction you want, and it will gently mold to your every fashion whim.

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WordPress Fashion Themes: HotTopix
If you are a prolific fashion blogger or run a content heavy site HotTopix is your match. This is a perfect theme for a fast paced fashion magazine site. HotTopix lets you get creative with ad placement and gives your content room to grow, keeping it easily accessible at all times. Get it while it’s hot.

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WordPress Fashion Themes: Fashionista
If you want your fashion blog to have a Pinterest-style layout, then Fashionista is the perfect theme for you. It’s elegant and classic, giving your own personal style plenty of room to really shine. If you blog often, this theme will celebrate your efforts by making your posts nice and prominent on your landing page for everyone to enjoy.

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Especial Portfolio

WordPress Fashion Themes: Especial Portfolio
Not strictly a portfolio theme, Especial Portfolio is perfect for an image centered blog. It makes a powerful impact right off the bat, and lets your visitors know just where you stand when it comes to your fashion choices. Choose from 5 different slider options, modify your color settings, and let your fashion voice be heard.

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