6 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins For Every Blogger

WordPress Facebook Plugins

Like for every web masters Facebook is also very important source of traffic and promotion method for bloggers. Almost every blogger try to get more and more traffic from Facebook and also tries to connect with them through fan page.. Here is the list of Best WordPress Facebook Plugins.

So for those who use Facebook for promoting their blog I have made a collection of best plugins to make your blog more Facebook friendly :)

WordPress Posts For Facebook Fans

WordPress Facebook Plugins

This is pretty cool and simple plugin that can make any of your post to be accessible for Facebook fans only. That means any new visitor who is visits your blog  wont be able to see your content until they connect their Facebook profile and like your page. As soon as they like your fan page,  post will be unlocked for that particular visitor. You can add this feature to any of your post just by adding a tag “Facebook fan”.

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Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress

Facebook traffic pop

This plugin can help you increase Facebook likes on your posts almost rapidly. This plugin basically brings a pop up whenever your reader clicks on your post. The visitor have to like your post or have to wait for few seconds to read your post. This plugin is quite simple but can help you increase your post’s Facebook like and bring more traffic.

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Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

Facebook likebox slider

As the name states this plugin creates  a likebox slider for your blog which could be positioned either on right side or left side. This plugin creates the slider for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and many more social networks. The stylish slider plugin adds a superb functionality with awesome design.

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Top Social Share Posts

top social posts

This plugin helps you list your top posts by total share counts from different social network. By using plugin you can easily list your most popular posts in sidebar widgets according to total Facebook share counts. This plugin supports many different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

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Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs for WordPress

This all in one Facebook bundle Plugin enable you add many different Facebook stuffs like Facebook Comments System, Like Buttons etc.

This plugin will help you integrate the power of Facebook  within your blog.

Features list:

- Facebook Like buttons
- Facebook Activity feed
- Facebook Recommendations
- Facebook Like Box
- Facebook Facepile
- Facebook Live Stream
- Facebook comments
- Facebook friends dialog
- Facebook status update

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Ultimate Facebook stats

top liked posts

This plugin helps you list your top liked, commented, shared posts in your blog posts. This plugin also helps you list same posts in sidebar widgets. You can easily collect Facebook Data using this simple plugin.

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