15 Best WordPress Diary Notebook Style Themes

WordPress Diary Notebook Theme

A WordPress Diary Notebook theme gives a personal touch to your blog. It makes you feel like it’s your own notebook, which everyone is reading. So when everyone is reading this notebook, it should look beautiful.

Below I have made a list of Best and latest notebook/diary style WordPress Themes. These themes will give your blog a whole new look, making it more interesting and readable.


1. Notebook 

notebook theme

Notebook Theme for WordPress is a fun and user friendly theme. It comes with WordPress Post formats. This unique theme comes with the latest CSS3 and a bunch of features.

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2. Memoir

WordPress Diary Notebook Theme

Memoir is a stylish and elegant theme with simple navigation structure. This theme has cool fonts and a beautiful background.

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3. DailyJournal (Responsive)

dailyjournal theme

DailyJournal is a responsive WordPress Theme which fits well on every device. That’s what a responsive theme should be about. This theme looks beautiful no matter what device you are using. It gives a nice personal diary feel which is awesome for anyone who just started a blog.

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4. DailyNotes

notes wordpress theme

DailyNotes WordPress is for those who share their daily life via a blog. This WordPress theme is a perfect fit for a blogger who revels in sharing his or her personal life. Share you thoughts, photographs, quotes etc.

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5. Wumblr

wumblr wordpress theme

Wumblr is a WordPress theme which looks like a tumblr theme, hence the name.

This beautiful WordPress theme comes with many different color features.  Make your blog look more lively with this design.

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6. Grido

grido wordpress theme

Grido is another tumblr style theme. It makes your blog posts look like sticky notes. Grido comes with a bunch of colors and blog enhancing features.

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7. Notes

notes wordpress theme

Notes is a simple yet modern WordPress theme. Notes comes with different post categories. You can now post your images, audio, videos and add a whole new touch to your posts.

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8. Deviant

deviant wordpress theme

Deviant Theme looks like a modern diary where you share your world. The unique and cool color schemes makes Deviant a perfect choice for daily blogging.

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9. Koi

koi wordpress theme

Koi is a simple yet gorgeous theme for personal blogs. Beautiful colors, headers and a simple sidebar. It looks great and, best of all, it gives the feel of a personal diary/notebook.

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10. OnTheGo


OnTheGo Theme for WordPress is fun and professional. The sketch look makes it feel like you are actually reading a paper. The best thing I liked about this theme, is its slider and sidebar. Simply amazing.

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My friends, I have said this many times before: If Content is the King than blog design is the queen. Everyone knows people come to read your blog content not to see your blog design. But Blog Design does matter!

I keep on changing and tweaking my blog design and I notice quite an improvement in the page views, bounce rate, average time on time and other aspects. Even the layout has an effect on your blog load time and SEO.

Whenever someone comes to read your blog, the first thing he notices is the layout not your content. If the layout is good than the readers feels happy and excited to read your content.

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