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Before starting I wanna say “I am not at all new to blogging and WordPress stuffs.” I have managed several blogs till now. But this is my first blog dedicated to blogging. I also run several blogs. Must check my personal blog www.rajnblog.com , Its awesome.

I created this blog to share my knowledge which I get through everyday experiences of blogging.

Now something about me:

raj-sharma                                                       This is me, In the clouds! :)

My name is Raj Sharma. I am  a 16 year blogger from India, Yes.. India!  A place where very religious minded people exists. Obviously I am a student by profession and blogging is my hobby.

I love making friends, No matter on Facebook or at any street. Like other teens, I hang out with friends and like to spend time with parents.

I have lot more to learn in my life but till now, I have engaged myself mostly in these stuffs:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Adsense
  • Web Design

My dream is to become a millionaire and I hope someday, I will surely be an millionaire.

What I learn from my parents and tech gurus that have patience and work hard, you will be there where you deserve in life. I started blogging not just to share my knowledge but too connect with millions of people so that I can have my own audience. Which is the most crucial part of becoming successful millionaire.

So after reading above it might be clear that I am an ordinary guy! but with extraordinary target in life.

There is lot of information filled inside my brain which I will pour here on www.weppot.com

Get in touch with me via Facebook ( don’t worry I will only share useful stuffs there :) )

Simply drop me an email on raj[at]rajnblog.com

See around other pages and have fun!

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About Raj Sharma

Hey There! I am a passionate blogger and a web entrepreneur. I am addicted to internet and making money online. I am the founder of weppot.com and other amazing websites.

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