Tips for Finding Unique And Creative Domain Names

So far I wrote about creating blogs but I forgot one of main topic to write about and that is Finding Unique and Creative Domain Names for Your Website. This comes first.

Your website name is very important for your visitors because they remember your website with its name only.

Like You have your own name,

and you are being called by your name,

or people know you by your name,

Its your identity!

Same happens with websites.

While finding a domain names for your business keep these following points in mind:

1. Never play with spellings

This is the most common mistakes that people do while choosing a name for their website or Business. To make it different from the usual word they change the spelling. Suppose you made your domain name, where in this, you changed Exclaim to Exklaim. This is really messy. Obviously people will write it wrong many a times.


2. Be really Unique

Unique name are always liked, They have a special type of professional touch in their name itself.  The names like, Do their meaning are known to everyone? But everyone knows what purpose they serve but Do you think anyone who heard the word “Google” first time in his life would be able to guess what purpose it serves? Perhaps not. Because these kind of names are really too unique. But still people love them.


3. Avoid Geographical names

Geographical domain names like, well this domain will really limit the website expand-ability. No one outside India would take that much interest to browse as much Indians will take. Because by this name is targeting people from India only.

Or for example you established a company and gave it a name Indian Pepper so now suppose what if this company will expand abroad. Would you like to stick with this name only. When you will have your company offices abroad.


4. Make it easy to pronounce

The best advantage of easy to pronounce domain is that people can remember to for long time. The words which are hard to pronounce are easily forgotten by people. You know that people write what they spell right? So If they spell your domain name wrong so most probably they will type it wrong and will go to some other website.


5. Keep it short

The short names are always easy to remember and write. A long domain name like is too long to remember and to write easily. This will even not fit in your visiting card. Rather a domain name like would be much easier to remember and to write.


6. Make use of alliteration

If you don’t know what are alliterations than let me tell you, It’s the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

As domains like, and many more,  are the good examples of alliteration and are always loved by people.

There are many more factor which makes a Good Domain Name, Let’s count more in comments.

Do let me know about your own domain name and why you registered it?


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