Sponsored Post Policy

Weppot.com will gladly review your product as long as it is:

  • Related to the topic of our site (WordPress + blogging)
  • Of proven quality



To help us complete your review as smoothly and speedily as possible we would like to receive the following:

  • A copy of your product or
  • Any visual materials (images, screenshots or videos)

A copy of your product or any visual materials you may be able to provide help us better assess your product and give it a fair and objective review.

You may also send us the link and anchor text you would like to include in the review.


Writing starts only after the following have been confirmed/received:

  • Payment
  • A copy of your product or
  • Visual Materials
  • Links
  • Anchor Text

We reserve the right to express our honest opinion about your product. This approach not only preserves the integrity of our blog, but stimulates merchants’ commitment to quality.

Any of the materials provided to aid the review will under no circumstances be redistributed to third parties.

We reserve the right to adjust anchor link text if it in any way compromises the site.

Any links you receive back to your site or product will be ‘nofollow’ links.

Sponsored posts provided by merchants, i.e. created by external individuals, are not permitted. All sponsored posts must be written by weppot.com staff in order to ensure consistency in content quality and integrity.

Your Sponsored Post will be accompanied by a disclaimer at the end of the post, identifying your review as a Sponsored Post.


Pricing is regularly adjusted to reflect the site’s current number of pageviews.

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