How to setup Google Analytics for your WordPress blog?

Google Analytics is one of the most advanced tool to track your website traffic. Most of the WordPress blogs are using Google Analytic not just because it shows the amount of traffic, They use it because it shows the detailed information about the traffic. Which makes it lot for easier for website owners to optimize their website accordingly. Like if your bounce rate is high than you can work on boosting your website speed and make it more interesting to make people stay longer and view other pages as well. This is not it, Google Analytics can actually help you in many ways. But in this post I am not going to brief How Google Analytics helps and its features.

So here is the snap of some of cool features offered by Google analytics:

  •  Amount of Traffic
  • Location of Traffic
  • Total page views
  • Time on site
  • Traffic Source
  • Most visited Page
  • OS used by your site visitors
  • Devices used by site visitors
  • Your website bounce rate
  • Web browsers used by your visitors
  • Sites which refers to your website… and much more

But the point is how to set up Google Analytics for your WordPress blog?

Setting up Google analytics is very simple, But as you came here just to know  How? So I will be sharing the easiest way to set up Google Analytics for WordPress. We are making the process simpler by using a WordPress Plugin.

Let’s Go!

Steps to set up Google Analytics for WordPress:

  1.  Sign Up for Google Analytics account for free (You just need to sign in to your Google account)
  2. On the next Page, Hit that big Sign Up button.Sign Up for Google Analytics
  3. The next page will ask “What would you like to track?” So choose website (selected by default). Next you have to choose a tracking method, Choose it according to your requirement. Next they ask you to fill your website details, that’s something I can’t tell! And the lastly you are required to name your account. Type your company name or website name. Now finally click “Get Tracking ID button”. A pop-up will appear asking you to read the privacy policy and click “I accept”
  4. On the next page, You will get your Tracking ID, copy it. (Don’t close this screen after copying the id.)google-analytics-tracking-id
  5. Now after copying your tracking ID come to your WordPress dashboard and install Google Analytics WordPress Plugin.
  6. Activate the Plugin and come to plugin page (under settings tab) and add that copied tracking ID in Web Property ID field.
  7. Click Save and you’re done! You have successfully added Google Analytics for your WordPress blog.

Want to set up Google Analytics without plugin?

If you don’t want to install any plugin for adding Google Analytics for your WordPress blog than there is another way. You can simply copy the tracking code from the same page where you copied your tracking id . (that’s why I asked not to close the screen)

Now check if your WordPress theme settings page have an option to add Google Analytics code. If Yes! than paste the code and save.

If your theme doesn’t have the option to add Google analytics than the best way would be using a plugin :)



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  1. Jennifer cunningham says:

    Hi, thanks for the information. Why is there a difference between the number offered by google and the number of visits offered by my host? I just wondered.

    • Hey jennifer,
      The difference is due to many factors like your host may be tracking your own visits, different bots, spammers etc. Whereas Google Analytic is quite sharp and accurate. GA tracks the real human beings.

  2. hi where is optiontion in wordpress to go in Google Analytics please help

    • Raj Sharma says:

      When you got your tacking ID you need to install a plugin known as Google Analytics, you need to install that plugin so that you can add your tracking id. As I can see your website URl, Its built on not self hosted so Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time. I guess there is still a solution for that, You may need to install Cloudflare for that. Go to this post on Cloudflare’s blog.

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