Master Guide To Create A SUPER SEO Friendly WordPress Website

seo friendly website

No doubt people want to use WordPress for creating websites. No matter for personal portfolio website, company website or blog, people choose WordPress. Now why people choose WordPress?

Well, there are many reasons why people choose WordPress.

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Customization
  • Easy Management

Everything goes smoothly using Plugins and themes.

But one of the best thing about WordPress is that its Search Engine Optimized. Just install few SEO plugins and you are set to skyrocket your SERP rankings.

BUT WAIT? You are here for a master guide to create a SEO friendly WordPress Website. Right?

So In this tutorial I will show you how to create a WordPress website is not just search engine optimized but super optimized. :) By this I mean top ranking in Google and other Search Engines. And driving thousands of visitors a day.

So let’s start! Better keep one pen and a writing pad near because I am going to share few secrets to create a search engine optimized website.

Create a Search Engine Friendly website

I suppose you have bought a domain name and a hosting account and also installed WordPress. If not than go and grab a JustHost hosting account via my link and receive a special discount. (Enter coupon code: loyalty”)

Now after you are set with your domain name, hosting and niche. Simply Install WordPress.

From here the ninja Search Engine Optimization begins:

  • Choose a simplest theme

Well, Most of the people search for a theme with bunch of features. Do you really need all those features? I guess No. May be those themes can give your site super extra functionality and a beautiful look! But those themes all makes your website super slow and injects too many codes in the source page. That’s exactly you need to avoid. More code will result in more loading time. This will also make search engine spiders difficult to find the important elements present in your page.

I recommend and use Genesis Theme  with StudioPress Child Theme

  • Install a SEO plugin and Social Sharing Plugin

Now next we need a Good SEO plugin and a good social sharing plugin. SEO plugin for adding meta title, description, keywords, dofollow nofollow, canonical etc.  I suggest Yoast SEO because that’s what I personally use.

Social Sharing Plugin for adding social button to make sharing of your post easy. You can see a live preview of social sharing buttons on the left side of this post. yeah! that’s sticky.

  • Decrease Loading time as much as possible

Most people never think about their website loading time. When you browse a website again and again in your browser than you will notice that the loading time is reduced to a large extend comparison to when It was loaded first time in the browser. That’s because of browser cache. So every time you want to analyse your website loading time than clear your browser cache first. You can also use websites like pingdom to check your website loading time.

Now How to Decrease website loading time?

  1. Try to use minimum Plugins possible.
  2. And a simple theme as I told in the beginning.
  3. All we need to reduce the code size and Image file size.
  4. Always check your image size before uploading to any post of your blog. Reduce the image size of your current blog images using a plugin called “WP smush it
  5. Use less Java scripts.
  • Choose your post topics wisely (low competitive)

Most people do it wrong, they get any post idea and they start writing, but wait! Did you ever thought that there might be hundreds of people might have written on the same topic with almost same little? And this will increase your competition and more struggle to get top ranking in SERPs. So to avid this issue. Do a keyword research on your topic and choose topic title wisely having low competition and good monthly searches.

I recommend and use Google Keyword Tool

  • More Social Sharing

I don’t have any time to written regularly on weppot so working on its backlink is almost impossible for me. So I found a smart and easy way. Rather than writing guest posts, comments etc, What If I could share my posts to many different social networking websites, web 2.0 sites? This will give authority backlinks to my posts. So for this I have installed a Plugin called “Social Network Auto Poster” Using this plugin I can share my content to many different websites in just a click. Also I have added all my twitter and Facebook accounts and my friend’s accounts in a Jetpack module called “Publicize”

And it’s enough for backlinking Isn’t?

  • No index and nofollow unimportant pages (tags, category etc)

As I told before that we need to make easy for search engines to find our content. For me what matters is good ranking, I don’t care if my category and tags appear in Google or not. All I want is good post ranking in Search Engine. So by choosing no follow and noindex  for all pages except posts. I am telling search engine spiders to look and scan all my posts only and give them top ranking :)

  • Give unique meta title to every post

This will make all our content unique from other blog posts. So this will assure that only those posts getting a good ranking whom we want.

Suppose we have written two posts and almost similar like 1st one is about “Best Premium contact form plugins” and another one is “Best Free Contact from plugin” And if anyone searches for premium our 1st post will appear before the second one and vise-verse.

But If we give almost similar title like “Best Contact form plugin” and “best Contact form plugin [part 2]”

this will trigger Google and may rank any of these posts but we don’t want that. So make sure you write your title wisely so that your posts matches to users search query and gets more click even if it stands at 8th position.

  • Focus on Keyword Density and Word length

There are many On-page seo factors which decides is your posts relevant or not. But according to my experience the most important is your keyword density and word length. Suppose if you have written an article of about 500 words. and your keyword density is 2.5 percent so total keywords on your page will be around 15 (including title, tags etc)

So what if we increase our word length so obviously more keywords will be found on our page. And this will show Google that we have something very similar to what user is searching and this will give us a better ranking.

Well that’s it. Obviously there are many more things that you can do to improve your blog SEO. But its Enough to Get top 3 ranking in Google in the shortest time if you don’t have much time.

Please note all the above ways mentioned in this post are based on my personal Search Engine Optimization experience.

Did you liked this master guide to create a SEO friendly website? let me know your feedback in comments below.

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