SEO Analysis Tools: Get Your Blog SEO Performance Report For Free

SEO Analysis Tools have made it very easy for bloggers to analyze their blog SEO performance. If you are a blogger than you just cant ignore Search Engine Optimization Tools.

SEO is the only process to get free organic traffic from search engines. If you don’t work on SEO for your blog than seriously you are in loss. More you make your blog Search Engine friendly, more you will receive organic traffic and more you will cash.

One of the biggest problem for most of the bloggers is that they are not getting traffic. One of the biggest reason that they don’t get traffic is because they ignore SEO. Simply writing content on your blog and ignoring SEO can’t bring traffic.. What’s the use of writing more and more content? If that content is not Search Engine Optimized. If your content is not SEO friendly it will not receive traffic from Google and other Search Engines.

So you must know How to write SEO friendly content.

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How to check your Blog SEO performance?

There are several free and paid websites which can analyze your website off-page and on page SEO performance.

These websites simply scan your website and displays the SEO performance report Most, these websites can give you an overview of the following:

  • Analyze the HTTP headers;
  • Analyze the Title tag, description meta tag and keyword meta tag;
  • Check the internal and external URLs on your blog;
  • Text Content length
  • Backlinks (dofollow and nofollow)
  • Check the image Alt tag;
  • Keyword Density;
  • Check the page Heading tags, Image tags, Phrase tags;
  • Social Shares (Facebook like, Tweets, Google +1)
  • And much more!

5 websites to analyze  your Blog SEO performance

SEO Analysis Tools

 1.   WooRank

SEO Analysis Tool 1

WooRank is by far one of the most popular SEO Analysis tool used for calculating the SEO score of any website.

The good thing about woorank is that they offer Free Report. But they also offer paid plans as well which starts from $49 /month.  Woorank gives the score to any website by determining the following factors.

  • Total Visitors
  • Social Status
  • Mobile Optimization
  • SEO Basics
  • SEO Content
  • SEO links
  • SEO keywords
  • SEO authority
  • SEO backlinks
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Technologies

With this woorank also tells the top five priorities for your website to help you work for better Search Engine ranking.

Visit Woorank

 2. SEO Analysis tool by SEO workers

SEO Analysis Tool 2

SEO Analysis tool deeply analysis your blog and tells a lot about your website’s SEO. It also tells what can be improved and what is missing in your website. Improving all those things suggested by SEO analysis tool can surely  boost your presence in Google SERP.

I myself followed few suggestions by SEO Analysis tool and I hope it brings some noticeable change in rankings.

Visit SEO Analysis

3. Marketing Grader by HubSpot

SEO Analysis Tool 3

Marketing Grader gives overall score based on your performance. This SEO Analysis tool can show you a wide view of your website’s overall progress. Marketing Grader is pretty advance as far as ranking factors are concerned. This tool will tell a lot of things about your Blog, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Optimization, Social Popularity and many other.

My marketing grader overall score is 80. which is good! What’s your?

Visit Marketing Grader



Open Site Explorer is a powerful SEO Analysis tools by SEOMOZ. It tells about your link popularity. You can easily know your domain authority, page authority, linking root domains, total links and your total social shares as well.

They offer professional package as well.

Visit Open Site Explorer

5.  Google Webmaster Tools

SEO Analysis Tool 5

Google Webmaster Tools can help you in many ways. Controlling your sitemap, robot.txt, Removing Broken links etc. But on of the most important part of this tools is Search Queries. Search Queries tool will show all the important keywords of your blog and its position in Google SERP.

Visit Google Webmaster Tools

 That’s it. I know there are many more tools which can analyze you blog SEO performance. But let me know If I missed any important tool in my list.

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  1. Great! I always feel good to read awesome posts. You have mesntioned all of the best websites to analyse a blog’s seo. I,m using woorank, its the finest one, i guess. How would you compare google webmaster and woorank? Which one is best?

    • Junaid, They can’t be compared. They both are good in whatever info they provide about your website. Yeah?

      In short, Google Webmaster tool can help you rank whereas Woorank can just help you boost that rank simple!
      Well in SEO Analytic I would say, don’t just find the best sites… try to grab the best of the best from those sites.

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