What is Schema Microdata? Why its very useful for bloggers?

When you search anything on Google or any other search engine. The result page displays the Snippets, They are just the few lines of page which help the user to quickly check whether that particular page is relevant to their query or not.

But now Search Engines have made it more easy for users to identify whether the particular page is about a person, a review, a product, event or a place etc. By introducing Schema Microdata.

And now you might have noticed other extra details of the website on the result page. Like below in this screenshot.

semantic snippets

On June 2nd 2011, Popular search engines collaborated on structured data to make their result page rich. So introduced schema.org; It’s a resource for the website owners and developers to learn about structured data and how to improve their appearance in search results.

We human can identify a name of a person, place or any product etc but search engines use to consider those names, dates just as text. Now after Schema microdata, Search Engines and browsers can easily know that a person name is name or a place name is actually a place name rather than considering them just a plain text. But to help search engines in this regard web master have to add certain codes in their pages and when search engines will scan the page code, they will easily know the structure. Those codes are simply few extra tags in your HTML document. Which you can add with little efforts. (I will show How to add those codes in my next post)

I don’t want to make  this post lengthy by telling about its history, and other details right now. But surely I am going to give a short explanation of how this will help bloggers.

Why it’s very useful for bloggers:

When you will add schema microdata in your blog post. Than the way in which your snippets appear in the search engine will change. If you wrote a review on any plugin or any theme than the review stars will appear with your name. This will make your snippet more appealing to people. It also shows that your post is more relevant to what the user searched. So no matter if you rank 4th or 5th on search result page. Users are more likely to click your link.

Another benefit that right now many blogger even don’t know about this advancements in search engine snippets. This way If you add schema microdata in your page than you will be uniquely identified and rank better.

Right now Google accepts rich snippets for the following content types: (As stated in Google webmaster support)

  • Reviews
  • People
  • Products
  • Businesses and organizations
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music
  • Video

No doubt these advancements in web are the parts of web 3.0 as everything on the web is becoming schema.

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