Responsiveness Testers for Your WordPress Theme

Many WordPress themes claim to be fully responsive, but are they really? Well, you can buy it and wait for that annoying message from your pal saying your site is crashing his Samsung Galaxy. Or you can improve your chances of actually getting a working theme by testing the theme demo in one of the many Responsiveness Testers out there.

Responsiveness is nothing more than the behavior of a design when constrained by different external dimensions. And it’s important because the days of people faithfully checking their emails after work at their clunky desktops are long gone. Now we check it any time and on anything.

I’ve had my eye on Pinable by Theme Junkie for a while now for a personal project of mine. So I put it through the wringer to see how it fared. I show here some of the results across different Responsiveness Testers. For the complete list of testers I tried out, refer to the index at the end of this article.

Responsiveness Testing: graphic
Tip: Always remember to close the top frame linking a particular theme to a merchant and only then copy the URL. Many tester tools will take you straight to the theme demo page rather than testing it if you bypass this step.


Responsiveness Testers

StudioPress Responsiveness Tester

This tester allows you to test your theme by width only or by device dimensions. You cannot enter custom dimensions. Here are some of the results for Pinable:
Responsiveness Tester: StudioPressNot bad, although it’s always good to try out the theme in several testers. So, moving on to the next one.

Responsive Website Testing Tool For Google Chrome

Responsiveness Tester: Responsive Website Testing ToolFor Chrome users there’s the Responsive Website Testing Tool App. You can comfortably test your WordPress demo on various devices. The above screenshot shows what the theme looks like on iPad mini. As you can see, the theme is holding up nicely. But there are not enough devices in this tester to give me a proper feel for the theme’s responsive behavior.


The Responsinator gives you a great overview of your theme in various devices, from something they call “Crappy Android” to a Kindle, both in portrait and landscape. Here’s my theme on an Android (Nexus 4) in portrait mode:
Responsiveness Tester: ResponsinatorOn this site I noticed that my theme will require sideway scrolling on some devices, but overall it performed fairly well. Let’s see what other testers had to say.

Responsive Design Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet testers are ones you have to bookmark first. Just add the tester page to the bookmark bar in your browser and then navigate to the URL you want to test. Once on your desired page, click on the bookmark. The tester should appear in your browser window with your chosen site.
Responsiveness Tester: Responsive Design BookmarkletResponsive Design Bookmarklet does not offer that many devices to preview your theme on, but it did have the added feature of previewing what your theme may look like with a keyboard overlay. Above is Pinable on an iPad. Enough testing? Well, maybe just one more for the road.

Custom Size Functionality: Designmodo

Some tester tools allow you to adjust your dimensions at will by dragging a frame border. The ultimate test for any theme!
Responsiveness Tester: DesignmodoI chose to highlight Designmodo in this category, because not only can you set your own width, but it has an awesome list of devices with some more obscure ones, such as the Barnes & Noble Nook HD tablet and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Ultrabook. Above you see Pinable at a random 756 x 800. Ok, I think she’s a keeper.

What I discovered while searching for the perfect Pinterest-style theme before finally settling on Pinable is that, unfortunately, no theme was completely responsive on all existing devices. I mean, how many themes really work on a Blackberry? So, the best you can do when selecting your next WordPress Theme is go for a theme that works on most devices or renders best on most devices.

Happy testing!


Responsiveness Testers Index

Please note that the following testers are not aimed at developers nor do they require a series of various physical devices for actual testing. All tools are free at the moment of writing.

StudioPress Responsiveness Tester
Matt Kersley’s Responsiveness Tester
The Responsinator
Responsive Website Testing Tool for Google Chrome


Responsive Design Bookmarklet
Viewport Resizer

Custom Size Functionality

Dimensions App
Responsive Test

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