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  1. Very informative article Raj , I liked the way you have explained about the adsense approval tricks and tips. This will help me on my future project.
    Thank you

  2. you have said it all.google cannot be fooled,they run the internet,without them no internet,so why attempt

  3. sir i agree whatever you explained in the above para but i want to know that how much pageviews i require to get approval for adsense account.please answer soonest possible.

  4. kishore says:

    i have developed http://www.thecalculator.in website with no copy data..i applied for first time and they got rejected due to insufficient content..now i was added extra content..pls help me before submitt to adsense..

    • hey kishore, I checked your website and I found that there are many important pages missing like About us, contact, privacy etc.

      I don’t know if this is the only reason but this may be one of the reason. Also try improving your seo performance if its bad.

  5. Shrawan Upadhyay says:

    sir will you analyse this site and tell me why adsense says me that this site does not comply with theit policies?

  6. hi, i read ur article.. i have created blogspot website and it is http://onlinejobworkathometask.blogspot.in/; i have already created these details in webs.com and i can’t get the approval from adsense. now i created in blogspot. so pls check my blog and tel me it is ok or i have to add more details… i was created 15day back. when can apply for adsense.

    • Raj Sharma says:

      What matters is quality content and quality traffic. That’s it.
      If you have both than go on and apply for adsense and can expect approval else don’t.
      Note: Suggestions are based on my personal experience with adsense.

  7. Hi, is tel me how to get .com own domain website… thanks..

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