How to Create Your Own Private Blog Using WordPress?

Looking for a way to create a Private Blog?

Private blog is personal blog of any individual where he writes, uploads his thoughts and media files and not visible to others directly. Private blog can only be accessed using a password.

private blog

Your personal blog needs to be completely private, No access to public. Private blog contains many things that shouldn’t be visible to every person. Only access to friends and family to be given.

Is this What you want?

If you want to learn How to create a completely password protected blog than continue reading.

I am going to share simple plugins and tweaks that can make any blog completely private. And If if you haven’t created any blog before I have written a tutorial previously.

How to create a Blog from scratch.

So Let’s See How To Create Your Own Private Blog?

If you are thinking that so costly and advanced platform is required than you are wrong. There’s nothing advanced or a different way to create a private blog. The procedure is almost same.

  1. Finding a web host
  2. Choosing a Platform (I go with WordPress)
  3. Installing WordPress

And boom! You have a blog ready!

But the process changes from here. Like any other blog you don’t need to install those plugin like cache plugin, social sharing, SEO etc

You don’t need to bother about traffic, promotion, fan pages and all that stuff.

All what it needs is, Password Protection to make your blog private.

We an easily add that functionality in any blog using several plugins or by adding few codes in .htaccess file. I have shared both the method below.

Method 1. By Using WordPress Plugin

There are various plugin you can use to password protect any WordPress website. Here I have mentioned 2 of them.

  1. Password Protected  <visit plugin page>
  2. Password Protect WordPress   <visit plugin page>

Simply install any of these plugin, set your password and save. Your blog is fully password protected.

Method 2. By Creating .htaccess file and .htaccess file.

You need to create a file named .htaccess

You might have this file uploaded in your webhost. IF you don’t have than you can create one easily. Open Notepad and add the following line of code:

AuthType Basic AuthName "restricted area" 
AuthUserFile /your-blog-root-directory/.htpasswd require valid-user

Make sure you have the root directory location correct in the above code. And save this file as .htaccess (remember you don’t choose file type as “.txt”)

Next what we need to do is create  another file named “.htpasswd” as we created .htaccess file.

In this file you will add your username and password hash. To create your username and password hash, you can use htpasswd Generator.

Example of .htpasswd file.


Upload both the files to the root of your domain and That’s it. Your blog is password protected. :)

Now you have got your own private blog. Share your life, personal photos with your friends and family only.


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