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Join the Pinterest Revolution

Want to benefit from Pinterest’s growing popularity? Why not give your WordPress site a Pinterest-Style WordPress Theme makeover? Pinterest has exploded as one of the fastest growing social networking sites. It’s growing faster than Facebook and Twitter all due to its convenient content presentation format.

Pinterest’s content presentation is particularly suited for today’s fast paced lifestyle and mobile media users. It’s basically a grid of enticing images accompanied by a short text description, little nuggets of information for easy viewing, immediate consumption and instant sharing.

It also appeals to the collector in us. It helps us keep our interests categorized and easily accessible both to us and our audiences, if we so choose to. This is a perfect theme for a blogger with a Curator blogging style* who delights in sharing significant carefully-crafted lists with his/her readers.

So go ahead and try the Pinterest approach. It might just be the shake-up you need to breathe new life into your blog. It will certainly make your content more accessible and easily digestible, two benefits that never hurt any blog.

*For more on blogging styles and to discover your own refer to Born to Blog by Mark Schaefer and Stanford Smith.

Best Pinterest-style WordPress Themes


Pinterest-style WordPress Themes: Inspire
Classy and timeless like the little black dress, Inspire stands out from other Pinterest-like themes with its black color scheme. But, actually, its austere exterior conceals a surprise: a color fade-in effect on mouse over. In fact, you can even choose to display your images in color, if you want. But why ruin a perfectly good thing?

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Pinterest-style WordPress Themes: Pinboard
Another instant classic, the Pinboard theme also closely resembles the Pinterest feel. Your visitors get a quick overview of your latest posts, which beats any Most Recent Posts plugin any day. Pinboard is responsive, social and hip. A blog on Pinboard is like a blog on steroids, with all the muscle power without the nasty side effects.

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Viewing the Remal theme for the first time is like opening up an agenda. It’s neat and tidy, with carefully delineated sections. Everything has its place and you’ll never mistake a video for a gallery. So if you are a neat freak, Remal and you are a match made in heaven.

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Pinterest-style WordPress Themes: Pinable
My personal favorite as far as Pinterest themes go, the Pinable theme comes closest to the actual Pinterest look and feel. It supports audio, video, gallery, quote and other post types. It is also responsive, of course, and lets your users filter your pins by type. Pinable is a true case of Pin and Play.

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Pinterest-style WordPress Themes: Pinfinity
Pinfinity was a pleasant surprise. It has some unexpected features like allowing your users mark their favorite posts and share your audio tracks via a built-in audio player. In addition, it sports a clutter-free clean layout, which allows your images to speak for themselves and shine from here to Pinfinity.

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