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In previous post I wrote a complete tutorial How to start a self-hosted WordPress blog under 15 minutes? So Writing this post after that big tutorial was must. Because after installing WordPress people get puzzled where to start – Design, Plugin, Socialization, SEO settings, Content or what?

So In this post, I will explain what are the most important things that you must do after Installing WordPress. I broke the whole procedure into modules here it goes:

  • Internal WordPress settings
  • Important Plugins (Including Jetpack)
  • Write few posts
  • Do the design
  • Let others to notice you
  • Learn some SEO
  • Start real blogging

So Let’s begin with first one, Internal WordPress settings.

Some Important WordPress settings to do inside

The default WordPress settings are safe. But we may need to change few irrelevant options. You can start changing your different settings by goings to different pages like General, Writing, Reading, Media, Discussion, Privacy. All the options present in those pages are easy to understand but if you are new to WordPress.

Let me take you through each page.

First login to your WordPress dashboard.

General Settings

Go over to Settings from right sidebar and Click General under the settings tab.

This is how that page looks like,


So the first one is Site Title, Here you need to enter the name of your website, I am not taking about the domain here. Its the name by which your website should be called. Your site title could be somehow like your domain name like in my case, Domain name is and Site name is “Raj{n}Blog”.

Next Option is Tagline, Make it impressive. Don’t just write something like…World’s Best Blog. Write what defines your blog. If you are Blogging on Health than your tag line could be like “Your Health Comes First” or anything that seems appealing. Remember your tag is far more powerful aspect of your website than you imagine. You should read this to understand more about taglines:

The best Website taglines around the internet

Another Option is WordPress address, better not to do anything with this.

Another one is Site address, This is the address your website Homepage. If you want your website homepage to be different from the default, You can enter it here.

Next Important option is Email, This is really very important. Don’t enter your friends email here :) You will receive your website notifications via email to this address. Notification will be like, New user registration, New comment etc.

Next is Membership, Tick is option If you want anyone to register to your website. Above I have not choose this option.

New User Default Role, This is will give role to the newly registered user. For example someone comes to the registration page of your website and he/she registers. The role you will choose here will be given to that user. So Don’t choose Administrator, Author, Editor.

Other options are Timezone, Date Format, Time Format, Week Starts one. These are as easy as changing time your mobile phone. :)

For understanding rest other Settings page go here

Important Plugins

A WordPress plugin will help you to add functionality to your blog. Like you want some social sharing icons to appear in your post and pages than you can choose from hundreds of social plugins.

WordPress is having a big gallery of thousands of plugins here.

But First we need to install important plugins, Plugins below are those which I consider must have for every WP blog:

  • JetPack – It comes different functionality like Checking your website traffic stats, Subscription Option, Spelling and Grammar Options etc. Check yourself after installing
  • Akismet : This plugin automatically removes the spam comments from your blog. This plugin will require a registration to for getting API.
  • Better WP Security: Your WordPress website security is very important to protect it from getting hacked. This plugins is very useful and have a lot of security option.
  • Google XML sitemaps: XML sitemap is required for Search Engine submission of every page of your blog. This plugin will help you to create a XML sitemap. It also have lot other options if you want anything to include or exclude in your sitemap.
  • W3 Total Cache: This plugin will help to boost your website speed. It’s must if you are on shared hosting.
Write few posts

WordPress comes with only one post and that is to fill a little space. But I would suggest you to write some useful blog posts so that your blog becomes presentable.

Write useful posts that drives people’s interest to your blog. Add images in the content, add featured image, Add category, Tags and finally publish your post.

This step is important not just to make your blog presentable but also for understanding your blog.

Do the design

Now comes the beautiful part of blogging, Its your blog design. A good blog design have many benefits like

  • Good Readability
  • Lesser bounce rate
  • Easy navigation
  • More interaction with reader
And for Good Blog Design you need to install a Good Theme. There are again thousands of Themes available for WordPress. Just Google ”Good WordPress Themes” and see the results.  You should better choose your theme according to your website niche. Check out these awesome 50 WordPress theme.
I would recommend you to have a Framework like Thesis and Genesis. This will help you to design your blog even the way your granny wanted. :)
Let others notice you
After doing all the above, now comes Socialization. It means tell the world about your blog. I don’t mean that start messaging everyone that you have created a website/blog. I mean, Get a Facebook fan page, Twitter fan page, Google + fan page for your website. So that people can know something about your website purpose and can come to check your website.
Learn some SEO
Search Engine Optimization is important to rank your website in search result and receive decent amount of traffic. SEO is basically a process in which you write or optimize your website the way search engine wants. It’s not that easy but if just start learning what are keywords, what are backlinks and other SEO terms than it would be easy to understand.
Nowadays, SEO is very important for website owners due to high competition and strict new search engine policies. You should check out this post

 How to get top ranking in Google Search Result? there I have explained in detail.

After all this Go and create an account on Google Webmaster tools and add a sitemap (sitemap.xml page)  this will give proper exposure to all your blog pages.

Start real Blogging

Real blogging :) Through this I mean to say just blog now, Write more and more quality content, get socialized and also focus on SEO. Better you should not worry about SEO, but just write more and more good quality contentand receive quality backlinks. That’s all.

This was the last, I hope you enjoyed the Journey!

Do share your views below.

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