How to style your WordPress Posts and Pages using Shortcodes

When it comes to style my posts and pages, I really find it difficult to do it without using a shortcodes plugin. Though we can add beautiful images, we can make use of different fonts, colors. But even though we can’t make it without a powerful shortcode plugin that is built with beautiful CSS effects and colors and icons.

Well most of the bloggers are using shortcodes plugins like Style Box, Shortcodes Ultimate. But I prefer to use

Arconix Shortcodes Collection because I am fully satisfied with features it provides and I gives exactly what I needed (box and buttons). This plugin is also quite popular.

Using Arconix Shortcodes Collection you can add beautiful buttons, boxes, tabs in your blog posts and page with ease.

WordPress Shortcodes

Arconix Shortcodes Collections Features


The plugin provides 8 colored buttons in 3 different sizes. All the button are Cross-browser compatible. Buttons have cool CSS effect which you can modify with little knowledge of CSS.

Unordered List

Bullets offered by WordPress are quite boring. Make your list look amazing by using cool unordered list styles offered by this plugin.

Make your unordered list look more informative and interesting to read.


The best feature of this plugin is its option to add cool boxes which makes your content look visually appealing.  You can use these boxes or any heading or any excerpt or anything that needs more attention.

This plugin also have function to add Tabs,ToggleColumnsAccordions and many other MiscellaneousShortcodes.


How to use Arconix Shortcodes Collection plugin?


  1. You can download the plugin from Plugin Page.
  2. Upload the Plugin and Activate it from your bog admin area.
  3. That’s all, start using it.

Check the usage manual on Arconix Shortcodes Collection wiki

Other Good Shortcodes Plugins

Shortcodes Ultimate – Another Awesome Plugin which gives options to color and other choose style element when adding shortcode.

J Shortcodes – This plugins offer Buttons, Boxes and column and their boxes could be customized to infinity.

Style Box - Style Box only offer Boxes as its name states. But their boxes worth giving a try at least. I have personally used this plugin and its nice.

Elegant Shortcodes – This shortcodes plugin is given by Elegant themes, This plugin is only available to Elegant Theme members. This plugin offer a large number of Shortcodes. Their buttons and boxes are really beautiful.

So tell me now, Are you using any shortcode plugin for styling your posts and pages? Speak in comments below.

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