How to get top ranking in Google search results?

Getting top ranking in Google Search Result Page is very difficult If you don’t understand How Google ranks you,  So In this post I will show you How to rank at the top in Google Search Results. So let’s Go!

Creating a Blog is Dam easy! :) but getting enough traffic to make money is not easy at all. It needs a lot of efforts. A blog or a website with zero traffic has no value.

The main sources of Traffic for most of the bloggers are Search Engines specially Google. Google Traffic is the real deal, it’s the backbone of every blog. If Google likes any website/blog it will surely receive Google amount of traffic. (you know what I mean by Google amount of traffic :) ) Whereas if any website don’t fulfill their liking criteria, It will simply be ignored by their spiders.

Many people drop the idea of blogging just because they don’t know how to exactly get traffic to their blog. Some people simply delete their blog just because they didn’t get traffic after six months as well.

Remember one simple equation of blogging :-

Patience + Smart work + Hard Work = Traffic (Money)

-Top ranking on Google will take time so have Patience and let Google do their work.

-Do Good Search Engine Optimization [explained below]

-Add quality content and repeat the same.

Let’s come to the point….

How to get Top ranking on Google SERP?

There are many factors by which Google Software decide who to rank at the top. But the main factors are discussed below:-

Quality Content: Google wont send any visitor to a site that is totally irrelevant to what the user searched for. Quality contents includes minimum spelling and grammar mistakes, well formatted paragraphs, Similar images. And if the web page provides the answer of what user searched for. That kind of page will definitely rank at the top.

Keyword matters:
If your page doesn’t have good keyword density of about 4%-6% (This is what I suggest) in the content than most probably you will be at last but if your site have proper keyword density than you will be at some good position. More lengthy content will have more keywords thus, Google will know that you have the relevant answer of users search query and your page will rank better than others.

You can use this keyword density analyzer tool to find out the most common word or phrase of your page and change its density accordingly.

More the Google PR better the ranking:

Google has already said this before,

“The heart of our software is PageRank, a system for ranking web pages developed by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at sanford University. And while we have dozens of engineers working to improve every aspect of Google on a daily basis, PageRank continues to provide the basis for all our web search tools.”

The main factors on which Google gives a website their page rank are BacklinksUnique Content and definitely not Copied Content, not even spun articles.

Check your website PR using PR Checker.

The conclusion of the whole post could be that “Write for People not Search Engines” and engage your self more with other website in the same niche.

Soon you will find yourself blog ranking better and receiving good enough traffic.

I really want to hear what do you think about ranking in google SERP?

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  1. I have launched my blog on news, tech zone & gadgets, recipe, health and fitness now i want to know what should I do to get the traffic on my blog? Thank You in advance.

    • Raj Sharma says:

      This is common question that every newbie blogger asks, And I can write a complete ten thousand words ebook on this topic. I will keep it short here. Update your blog regularly with fresh and interesting content, Write Guest posts, learn some seo techniques and be active in the blogging community. That will be more than enough. I guess I said it all :p

  2. Hi Raj Thank you so much for your quick reply, actually i want you to visit my blog and suggest me about the contents i have posted there, are they ok enough or i must go for something different. Please give some examples if your suggestions are for specific contents. Thnx

    • Raj Sharma says:

      Do some keyword research before writing any content. You can use “Google adwords keyword tool”.
      You basically need to find out if there is any audience searching for your content. If there is any write for them.

  3. Raj Sharma says:

    You need to have unique content to rank your website, But sms and quotes are everywhere… You can find single sms on hundreds of websites. So do you think that you may still rank higher?

    Google is considering your content as copied, because there is already similar contents on other websites.
    So try getting some new and fresh sms and quotes, I guess that will surely help.

  4. Raj Sharma says:

    Cool Blog!
    Why don’t you shift to .com domain?

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