How to Choose a Perfect Blog Design?

If blog Content is King than I think blog design should be the queen because it’s the good appealing blog design that generates leads and converts into money, It’s the layout that increase your CTR, It’s your theme that makes the navigation structure better. So no doubt that blog design really matter.

I have visited many blog which receives tons and thousands of traffic but their bounce rate is more than 60%. This is just because of a poor blog layout. So What makes people to stay in your blog and also visit again? Its your unique blog design only. The more professional and neat look your website is having with good content, Less the bounce and more the CTR you will have.

Choosing a Perfect blog design could be a difficult task due to the following reason:

  • You don’t have Good taste in Design
  • You really don’t know about color combination
  • You really don’t understand your Blog Requirements
  • You are confused

So How to choose a perfect Blog Design? Let me try to make this process easy for you. Follow the steps before buying a brand new premium theme for your blog.

Know your niche

Well obviously you should be knowing about your blog niche if you are blogging seriously. But refine it. What is your blog niche actually? Like here my niche is Blogging Tutorial including Blog Design, WordPress, Social Networking that is directly or indirectly connected to Blogging Tutorial. So I know what I am writing…. Just find and finalize your niche and keep it aside for a while.

Choose  3 or 4 beautiful colors or 3 or 4 Official blog colors :)

This will really help you out in choosing a perfect theme. Think about hundreds of different color present on earth and choose your favourite color and Imagine How will your blog look in those color? Awesome, Cool, Perfect, Untidy, blehh! or ?

You can make use of tools like ColourLover and ColorCombos in finding good color schemes. After choosing the color keep them in mind and move on to next.

Understand your blog requirements

Do you ask for subscription?, Do you display ads?, Do you need Graphics?

Well blog designs may differ if you are focusing on generating leads. And if you want to display adverts on your blog than you need a different design because not all blog design looks good when adverts are displayed there. Also you might have heard Adsense WordPress themes.  If you are blogging about Gadgets than you really need some superb cool graphics.

Understand your website Navigation needs

If your blog is having very few pages and category but bunch of posts than your navigation structure will differ from other blog designs. Because you really don’t need to focus on pages and category rather you need to focus on posts. So In this case your blog header look will differ.

Weave your Ideas and thoughts now

We have found our niche, chosen our official blog colors, Understood our blog requirements and also understood on what our blog navigation structure should focus on. OK so now you write down your results.

For my blog, here are the results (

Niche: Blogging Tutorials

Official Color: Black, Grey, White, Blue

Requirements: Needs subscription boxes for increasing my subscribers, No ads for now and few graphics.

Navigation structure: Equal Focus on Category and Page

When I had these notes with me, It went very easy for me in deciding the perfect theme for my blog. I looked around popular WordPress theme companies’ theme gallery and ended my result with the theme I am currently on. It’s exactly what I wanted to have.

My niche is Blogging Tutorial and this theme fits perfect for this kind of niche.

I chose official color as Black, Grey and White so just look around and see its exactly white, grey and blue combination with somewhere grey.

I wanted to focus more on blog subscription box and this theme provides a professional looking RSS subscription widget. Although I have modified it with few catchy graphics.

As I don’t wanted to display ads for right now so I didn’t even thought about Adsense friendly theme.

I have about equal number of pages and category right now and you can see above that there are two menus, first one is displaying pages and second one is displaying popular categories.

Also Don’t Forget these feature
  • Multiple Browser Compatibility should be there.
  • It should be responsive.
  • Must have common features.
  • Search Engine Optimization options should be there.

Now, I hope you will be able to choose your Blog theme easily.

Do let me know about your Blog Design in comments below.

As Blog Design really matters!


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