5 Killer Strategies to achieve blogging success in 2013

Gone are the days when blogging was almost a successful business for all. Its quite tough to achieve blogging success nowadays. :(

When I started my first blog in 2010, the competition was not less but it was not so crowded as its now. Everyday thousands of blogs are being created with an aim to succeed in blogosphere but unfortunately not everyone gonna succeed or even exist in blogging world. It needs a lot of patience, hard work and determination to succeed in blogging these days. I created this blog last month only and now to this date almost two months have completed (not exactly) but I can’t see any satisfactory progress in my blog traffic. But i am still blogging with same confidence that I had on the very day of booking this domain. You know why? Because I know my niche is full of high competitors and blogging isn’t that easy now.

Anyways I know what I have to do, I know How my blog will succeed in coming future. I know

How to achieve blogging success in 2013

I am also running an entertainment blog s and I can see thousands of people are visiting that blog although that blog is filled with poor quality content and not at all Search Engine Optimized but still I can see a significant growth of that blog.

You know how?

That’s because of very less competition and just opposite to that blog, this blog ( weppot.com ) which focuses on Blogging tutorials, is having a very high competition.

So How I will achieve blogging success in this competitive blogging world? What are my planning for future?

Here is what’s needed and I have decided to stick with in next coming days for blogging success in 2012 and 2013. I have many other blogs and websites where I have made a profit and succeeded well. That’s why I can list down the essential requirements of a blog success in 2012 and 2013.

1. Writing More And More Guest Posts


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Guest Blogging is very popular these days. And This should be your first priority for blogging success because Guest Blogging have so many benefits.  It will take so much time to write all the benefits of guest blogging but though here main useful benefits:

1. Back links - This is what required to receive good traffic from Google.

2. Direct Quality Traffic

3. More exposure to you and your blog

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2. Starting To Shoot Some Videos

camcorder (1)

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Video Blogging is rocking these days. Specially in sales Page but I will start video blogging for explaining something special.  We can also convert our boring text posts into a video presentation with catchy images and colors. Video Blogging can bring a good amount of free traffic and also back links.

3. Creating Killer Content

As per my experience and verdicts of other famous bloggers, Creating a post on “top 10? “best” “list of” will bring more attention and page views. So I have planned to focus more on these type of posts.

Also Content which makes people to share their views or the content which starts a debate within your post.

4. Creating Products That People Will Love


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Creating a useful product and making it a center of your blog will drive more attention and will also yield some profit to me. You never know, If it goes viral in blogosphere than surely It will bring thousands of reader towards your blog.

5. Being Everywhere

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Other than Guest Blogging, Being of different Social networking sites specially Facebook, twitter, Google plus where bloggers interact will let people to know me. By interacting with them and doing chat for some time I will be able to develop a good relation with fellow bloggers.

Participating in Contest and commenting on popular posts of different blog, sharing my views on trending topic will give me an identity of my own, people will start to know who am I.

At the moment I thinks these 5 activities are required to give a start of successful blogging in 2013.

Now your turn, Tell me what you have planned to make your blog successful in coming days?

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