How to write a blog post that drives quick and easy traffic?

When it comes to writing a blog posts, I follow certain strategies that are majestic.  Even so-called pro bloggers use these strategies. But I guarantee most of the experienced bloggers aren’t aware about it.

Before knowing How to write an effective blog post that drives quick and easy traffic. You must know and understand, why anyone will read your blog post? Why your post will get traffic?

To get the answer, suppose this situation:

Suppose a blog writer writes a post A on

A. “how to make cookies?”

And another blog writer writes a blog post B on

B. “How to make delicious cookies easily?”

Which blog posts you will prefer to read? Most Probably B right? Because post B not only tells you how to make cookies but also tells how to make them delicious and that too easily. Also the post A will have lots and lots of competition and its tough to beat those competitors. Got the answer? I hope Yes!

So this strategy  is Targeted Blog post

So now you know that targeted blog post is very effective method of driving traffic easily. If you are simply writing about anything in your niche without knowing whether its targeted or not than you may be loosing  lots of organic traffic and simply wasting your time.

How to write a targeted blog post that drive traffic?

Simple and straight answer is that you have to do a little research on your title. You can use Google’s adwords Keyword Tool

When you come to adwords Keyword tool page simply write the title of the post you have decided to write and search. Than the keyword tool will display the results, and from there you will know the competition and search quantity of your topic.

You can also do a Google Search and check whether if any other article exist with the same title as yours.  If not than Go ahead and write your blog post.

Another Strategy is Understanding your Competition and your competitor

It really matter that who your competitors are actually and in how much quantity. If your blog post have to compete with high authority websites like, or any other high authority website. Than it’s very difficult to rank in top 3 and if these high authority site are more in number and then even getting a place in 1st page of SERP is difficult.

Let me explain with an example, If you do a search of keyword “How to create a website” and then you will find almost all the website on that 1st page are quite popular and have good authority. So it’s very difficult to beat them and rank number 1 or in top 3 or even in 1st page of SERP.

So now will you dare to mess with those high authority website? Obviously not because it useless. So it would be better if you find out how much competition is there and who your competitors are.

If you have a popular blog with high authority than you will be able to stand them or else if you have just created your blog (no backlinks no authority) so better not to waste your time on that particular  blog post topic. Simply switch to another topic or make it targeted and check how much competition it has.

To write a good blog post that drives quick and easy traffic you need to understand your competition and your competitor. Thant’s all.

I hope the content was useful and interesting ?

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