10 Best Genesis Child Themes For WordPress Blogs

Genesis Child Themes

It’s really difficult to choose when you see all the Best Genesis Child Themes lined up before you. All Genesis Child Themes are truly worthy of merit. A modern look, simplicity, and best of all, the Genesis Framework is what define a Genesis Child Theme.

I am absolutely not going to write a big Genesis review because there are already many reviews on the internet.

But I would still like to outline the key points of the Genesis Framework:

  • Powerful and extremely simple
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Awesome Support and many customization tutorials available
  • Many beautiful Child Themes available

Below I have listed 10 Best Genesis Child Themes which I personally like. I consider them to be the best because they all have important features required for every blog, such as clean widgets, footers, simple and clearly visible navigation, and more.

In the end it’s a matter of personal choice, your sense of design and your requirements. But, nevertheless, here are my favorite Genesis Child Themes for your consideration.

Genesis Child Themes


 genesis child themes

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Backcountry is a stylish and eye-catching Genesis Child Theme. I am quite impressed with its menu structure and simple footer. This child theme comes with 4 different colour options: blue, grey, black and green.

This theme fits every kind of blog. Whether you want to blog about adventure, business or something else, this theme is for you.



goinggreen child theme

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This unique nature friendly child theme is modern and stylish. This Genesis child theme will be perfect for any environment related blog. Show your reader what your blog is all about through your unique and nature friendly theme. The color of this theme sends the message of going green and loving nature.



luscious child theme

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Luscious is an attractive Genesis Child Theme. This beautiful child theme will also be the best choice for fashion, daily life, or cooking related topics.

Show your reader its You and Its your own blog.

The clean and professional design gives your content the attention it deserves. Luscious theme comes will all the necessary elements like top menu, category menu, header widget, clean sidebar, footers, etc.



generate child theme

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We all know how important your list is. More subscribers = More Visitors.

The Generate Theme focuses on your list. It helps you highlight your option box just after the menu.  I have previously used this theme and it’s pretty awesome. This theme comes with all the important features like a header widget, two menu bars, footer widgets, and more.


magazine child theme

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This is the perfect magazine theme which fits almost every niche.  The stylish header, sidebar, slider, thumbnails gives it the feel of a magazine theme. It’s also mobile Responsive, very handy for today’s readers on the go. The Magazine theme comes with all the important and amazing features like a custom header, menu, widgets, 7 different colour styles, etc.

6. NEWS Theme

news child theme

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Start your online news publishing blog now. This theme is stylish yet simple. Add articles, audio  or videos to your posts with freedom. This user-friendly design may also increase your Adsense CTR.

Like other Genesis Child themes this theme also comes with beautiful color styles and layouts.

7. DECOR Theme

decor child theme

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Decor Theme is incredibly beautiful and modern. A 2-column sidebar with an awesome newsletter box. Decor Genesis Child Theme is a perfect fit for a niche such as interior home design, jewelry and other visually rich or luxurious topics.


streamline child theme

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This Child theme will help the reader focus on the important sections of your blog. What matters is your content and this theme makes it stand out.

9. FOCUS Theme

focus child theme

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This Genesis Child Theme is for those who want the reader’s attention squarely on the content, period. The Focus Theme will help you show your readers what matters to you, your story, your events, your voice.


lifestyle child theme

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The Lifestyle theme has a magazine style frame and a smooth look. The Lifestyle theme is highly customizable. I have personally seen many websites using Lifestyle with a very unique look.

The theme supports widgets on the homepage, which allows you to show important content right on the first page.

Now it’s up to you. Choose your favorite theme and let me know how you rocked it!

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