15 Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress

A Gallery Plugin is a cornerstone of many websites today, allowing you to showcase photographs, screenshots, illustrations, videos and more. A portfolio website without a gallery is like Ramen Noodles without the noodles. A gallery adds an instant professional touch to any website. But it doesn’t just enhance your site’s looks, it also makes image management a breeze, by allowing bulk uploading and publishing. There are hundreds of gallery plugins for WordPress CMS and choosing the best one to suit your particular needs can be pretty challenging.

The gallery plugins available today have come a long way from a simple static image display tool. The functionalities offered today range from animated effects, branding possibilities, inclusion of sub-galleries, social network accessibility, and much more. You can use a gallery or slider to feature your posts, and add slow motion effects for extra drama. Best of all, these plugins integrate seamlessly with your WordPress theme.

Gallery plugins are also useful because, unlike, for instance, photography themes, not all themes come with gallery or slider options. So having an easy to use plugin can make the work that much smoother.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of best gallery plugins for WordPress. Now all you have to do is simply choose the plugin that best suits your needs and start enjoying all the benefits that it has to offer.

List of Best Gallery Plugins

1. Justified Image Grid Gallery

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Justified Image Grid Gallery

What’s the first thing you notice in the screenshot above? The image ratio! Justified Image Grid Gallery respects your images and displays them with the original ratio intact. No more random cropping. No more one-size-fits-all thumbnail galleries. Your image grids will be balanced and perfectly aligned every time!

Get Justified Image Grid Gallery   View Demo

2. PhotoMosaic for WordPress

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: PhotoMosaic

PhotoMosaic Gallery gives you a lot of room to play with thumbnail display. Go ahead and see it for yourself on their demo site! Adjust thumbnail padding, arrange thumbs by rows, columns or in a masonry style. Whether you decide to take full control or leave it on auto pilot, the PhotoMosaic Gallery will stay beautifully responsive and smooth.

Get PhotoMosaic Gallery     View Demo

3. uSquare – Universal responsive grid for WordPress

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: uSquare
uSquare is a very function oriented gallery that allows to add extensive information to supplement your images. It’s perfect for introducing company team members, for instance. But you can also use it to display products, logos or blog posts. One of the main goals of its developers was responsiveness. So you can trust that it has been thoroughly tested. Be sure to check out the demo for all the possibilities it has to offer.

Get uSquare Gallery Plugin   View Demo

4. UberGrid – Responsive Grid Builder for WordPress

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: UberGrid
UberGrid’s square grid layout is very versatile. You can use it for portfolios, your team, products (it’s Woo Commerce – compatible), blog posts and more. Users can filter images by categories and navigate through several gallery pages. This plugin even allows you to include a gallery as a widget. Its clean, customizable look and fast loading time, make it a valuable addition to any business website.

Get UberGrid Gallery Plugin   View Demo

5. Go – Responsive Portfolio Gallery

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Go - Responsive Portfolio for WP

This is a very handy tool for managing a portfolio of either images or posts. This plugin can be used for different purposes, such as creating post teasers(displaying Recent or Related posts), and showcasing posts of any custom types, such as WooCemmerce. It comes with 4 default styles. There’s even an option for a circle style filterable grid. Being one of the latest additions to the gallery plugin lineup, I think this is one of the rising stars in its category.

Get Go – Responsive Portfolio Gallery     View Demo

6. Social Gallery Plugin

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Social Slider Gallery

Get MORE out of your images. More Likes. More Comments. More Revenue.

This is the motto the Social Gallery Plugin lives by. And indeed, there’s no better way to promote your images (and your site) than through social media. Allow your visitors to spread the word about your images and watch your popularity soar.

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7. Fancy Gallery

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Fancy Gallery

This has got to be the most versatile gallery plugin out there. Fancy Gallery really earns its name by providing a countless amount of layout and hover effect options! It can also perfectly handle different types of content, like video. And, it’s socially enabled. What more could you want in a gallery?

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8. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Video Gallery

The Video Gallery for WordPress is a beast among its kind. It knows video and how to best showcase it and optimize it. You can basically add your own playlist to your WordPress site. Brand your player with your logo, add titles for each video, embed tags at any frame, choose where you want the menu, and make it all easily shareable. After that, all you got left to do is lay back and enjoy the show.

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9. Media Grid

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Media Grid

Media Gallery can showcase anything you throw at it: pictures, video(YouTube, Vimeo), audio, links, and even entire sub galleries. You can use it as an mp3 player or to display multiple galleries, handy for portfolio management. Showcase anything on any device. Media Gallery displays your media in a modern masonry layout on all devices and across browsers. All media on all devices, a no mess state-of-the-art gallery solution.

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10. Thumbnail Gallery

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Thumbnail Gallery
The first thing you notice about Thumbnail gallery is how smooth and elegant it is. The next pleasant surprise is its full responsiveness. Whether you are showcasing images, video or HTML, this gallery will render them beautifully on any platform and any browser size. You can place the thumbnails horizontally or vertically depending on your preferences. Just plug and play!

Get Thumbnail Gallery   View Demo

11. Global Gallery

Best Gallery Plugins for WordPress: Global Gallery
Besides providing all basic features that you would expect from a gallery these days, like responsiveness, various layout options, and social network integration, Global Gallery also provides an option to watermark your images. So if you want to protect your photos with your signature, this is the plugin that would do it for you.

Get Global Gallery     View Demo


12. Easing Slider “Lite”


Easing Slider "Lite" Screenshot

Easing Slider “Lite” is a simple WordPress plugin that makes it very easy to add simple yet professional slideshows. This plugin is light weight, responsive and comes with many great features.

Download Easing Slider “Lite”


13. Dynamic Content Gallery

Dynamic Content Gallery Screenshot

Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin helps you create a dynamic gallery of images. You can create galleries for latest and/or featured content using either the JonDesign SmoothGallery script for mootools, or a custom jQuery script.

Download Dynamic Content Gallery     View Demo


14. Slideshow

Slideshow Screenshot

Slideshow WordPress plugin helps you create a fancy slideshow within a matter of minutes.

You can add any image to the slideshow from your media page. You can customize the color very easily using the inbuilt custom style editor.

Download Slideshow Plugin      


15. WP-SimpleViewer


WP-SimpleViewer Plugin provide an easy and automated way to create a beautiful looking gallery for your WordPress website.

Download WP-SimpleViewer Plugin     View Demo


For a list of the best eye-catching cream of the crop professional sliders out there check out our list of Best WordPress Slider Plugins.

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