Contact Form Pro WordPress Plugin: Review

Contact Form Pro WordPress Plugin – the Premium ‘Extra’

Contact form plugins for WordPress basically come in three flavors:

  • Free ’bare bones’
  • Premium ‘extra’
  • Premium ‘turbo’

The Contact Form Pro WordPress Plugin belongs to the second category. If you have outgrown your free bare bones form, but do not really need the extravagance of a premium turbo, you need to give this plugin a try.

Contact Form Pro is built by a team of experienced developers at BestWebSoft, who have several WordPress plugins under their belt. Among them is an already popular free version of the Contact Form plugin with a 4.5 rating and close to 2 million downloads on So why not just get the free one, you ask? Because the little extras of the Premium version is exactly what you need to enhance your current contact form experience.

Contact Form Pro Plugin: the Extras

Adjust the look

Let’s start with the styling options. You can customize pretty much everything from form field borders to the size of your submit button, and even your error message presentation. Best of all, you get to see your changes right away in a preview section. So you don’t have to constantly reload your browser while you are fine tuning your masterpiece.

Contact Form Pro: Styling Settings

Contact Form Pro: Styling Settings

Here is a simple example of the styling options in action. For more examples look at the end of article or visit the plugin’s official page.

Contact Form Pro: Styling

Contact Form Pro: Styling Example


Add a Tooltip

You’ve probably noticed from the above screenshot that you can also include tooltips next to your fields of choice. The plugin comes with a default tooltip text for each field, but you can edit it to suit your needs. Here is an example of a tooltip next to the attachment field.

Contact Form Pro: Tooltip

Contact Form Pro: Tooltip Example

By the way, Contact Form Pro WordPress Plugin does give you an option to include attachments. You can also opt to delete attachments from the server after the email is sent.

Track User Info

For those interested in learning more about their users, Contact Form Pro offers the possibility to track some user information. Mainly, the info you can receive is the user’s IP address, the Date/Time of the email, the referrer, and the user agent.

Contact Form Pro: Additional Info Settings

Contact Form Pro: Additional Info Settings

This can come in handy if you, for instance, want to optimize your site or your mailings for the majority of your users, based on the most used mail client or browser.

Select Recipient

Another nice little extra is that you can add a number of recipients for the user to select from.

Contact Form Pro: Recipient Settings

Contact Form Pro: Recipient Settings

You can specify a different name and email address for each of the recipients. A very useful feature that can save you or your business some time consuming forwarding.

All in all, Contact Form Pro Plugin for WordPress is a solid package of contact functionality. A possible improvement could be allowing the addition of extra fields to the form. You never know when a user may want to obtain more than basic contact details from his visitors.

Also, the Captcha functionality is included in another plugin, which must be downloaded separately(for free). It would be nice to skip the extra installation step. Having said that, the Captcha plugin by BestWebSoft does work beautifully with the Contact Form. Here’s an overview of the features.

Contact Form Pro: Captcha Settings

Contact Form Pro: Captcha Settings

You can customize the difficulty level of your captcha equation as well as the header. And, of course, you can also add a tooltip to help users along.

Contact Form Pro: Captcha Example

Contact Form Pro: Captcha Example



The Contact Form Pro Plugin for WordPress won’t do math for you. It won’t mow your lawn or do your grocery shopping either, but the little extras like tooltips, basic user info tracking and styling features are well worth the very reasonable $15 price tag. And with a guaranteed support within one business day you’ll be hard pressed to find a more attractive alternative.

Buy plugin on the official website

Here is a detailed overview of all the features of the plugin:


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and, as all sponsored posts on this blog it adheres to the strict regulations that ensure integrity and quality of content.

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