Five Star WordPress Photography Themes

5 Star WordPress Photography Themes

Elegant, Customizable, Easy to Use, Responsive and Memorable. These Five Star WordPress Photography Themes wear their stars with pride.

Best Travel Blog Themes for WordPress

Best Travel Blog Themes for WordPress: Feature

Find out what a pack of Thai noodles and Best Travel Blog Themes for WordPress have in common. Absolutely everything!

Blog Favicon: What Every Blogger Should Know

Blog Favicon

Secrets on designing your most eye-popping BLOG FAVICON to date.

Choosing Accent Colors for WordPress Themes

Selecting Accent Color for your Theme: Feature Image

Tips for choosing accent colors for WordPress Themes, pro style.

Responsiveness Testers for Your WordPress Theme

Responsiveness Testing: feature image

Improve your chances of getting a truly responsive WordPress Theme by testing the demo in one of many Responsiveness Testers.

Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes in Action

Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes: feature image

See the most popular Premium WordPress themes in action by checking out example sites that use them.

New WordPress Theme Search: WordPress by Example

WordPress by Example

Use this new WordPress Theme Search to find real world examples of WordPress Themes from different developers, both free and premium.