Best WordPress Slider Plugins: Top 11

Sliders, or carousels as they are often referred to, are now the de facto standard for any site. Sliders allow to simultaneously display a vast amount of content on any part of your page, maximizing web real estate and user impact. A professional slider is fast, reliable, fully customizable and slick. It instills confidence in the user and enhances your site with added functionality, video, animation, and more. Following are the best WordPress slider plugins, a list of top 11.

Best WordPress Slider Plugins

1. RoyalSlider

Best WordPress Slider Plugins: Royal Slider
This is the most popular Premium slider on CodeCanyon, hands down. It has an impressive list of clients both from the business and academic communities (Honda, Diesel, Peugeot, TED, …). Smooth due to its lazy loading feature, it integrates easily into your WordPress environment. It provides you with loads of customization options both for your look and feel and for your content. It is a truly responsive slider and works well across systems and devices. With all that and its slick good looks, it is a package that is currently hard to beat.

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2. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin
The Slider Revolution plugin is a most outstanding example of intelligent use of jQuery animation. It is loaded with dynamic effects, which users can customize by adjusting timing and animation, adding layers and selecting the desired transition. Besides sporting a Flash like demeanor, it is also responsive and touch enabled. Extremely easy to use and already a top choice among WordPress theme builders the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin is a solid addition to your WordPress plugin kit.

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3. LayerSlider

LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin
The LayerSlider is another transition effect master slider plugin. The LayerSlider is distinguished by its Parallax transition effect, which allows for some outstanding visual story telling. It comes equipped with a visual transition builder and a transition gallery for a clear overview of all the possibilities. The LayerSlider also includes a WYSIWYG slider editor with a real-time preview of your animation. The LayerSlider team runs a dedicated support site to deal with any user queries, from installation to localization to appearance. You’ll have lots of fun with this one.

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4. Slider PRO

Slider PRO – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

Slider PRO is an excellent mixed content slider. You can combine video, text, images, and image galleries in one slider. It is fully responsive and supported by mobile devices, allowing for Swipe actions. With its 100+ transition effects, 150+ customizable options and open source status, you can tweak it to look and behave precisely the way you want it to, down to the last pixel. Slider PRO also allows to dynamically display post content from your posts, pages and custom post types. These and its many other features make this a good all around slider.

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5. Banner Rotator/Content Slider

Banner Rotator/Content Slider WordPress Plugin

This is a WordPress slider plugin that includes 5 types of WordPress slider plugins in one(rotator, thumbnails, playlist, slider, carousel). These come with their own layout and separate sets of features, as well as clear video tutorials, covering installation, and image/text management topics. All options are touch enabled and responsive. Between the 5 basic templates and the animation and transition effects available for each template there are enough customization options to make this a very viable slider option indeed.

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6. Estro – jQuery Ken Burns Slider

Estro –jQuery Ken Burns Slider – WordPress Plugin
Inspired by the ultra slow and powerful zooming/panning effect popularized by director-producer Ken Burns, the Estro slider is sure to add a touch of drama to your site. It is SEO optimized due to its use of valid HTML5 markup, supports video(YouTube + Vimeo) and is mobile compatible. The Estro slider comes with 4 ready to use skins, but it also includes all the Photoshop files to make a custom unique skin. The Estro slider keeps it smooth with image lazy loading while visitors sit back and enjoy the show.

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7. Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser

Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser WordPress Plugin
The ShowBizz slider is produced by the same team that developed the Slider Revolution slider, already one of the top selling sliders on the Premium plugin market. Unlike its older brother, this slider keeps it simple with a number of built in skins that can be used for different purposes depending on your content. There’s sliders for teaser style content, videos, lighter versions for simple image + text features, such as personnel galleries, and a slider to use in line with your content. It even has a WooCommerce template intended specifically for WooCommerce products. You can take any template further by customizing it via the admin interface, or CSS, HTML and even well organized helper classes. A solid choice.

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8. Soliloquy Responsive WordPress Slider

Soliloquoy Slider

Soliloquy boasts one of the best sliders on the Premium WordPress Plugin market. Light, expandable and elegant the Soliloquy Slider is extremely easy to use. It will cut your development time in half, and stays fully responsive blending seamlessly into your content. It has also the Most SEO friendly metadata and markup for a WordPress slider. The soliloquy slider stays ahead of the slider pack by offering a set of Addons, some of which include: Lightbox, Thumbnails, Pinterest, Instagram, Carousel, Preview, Filters, and Crop.

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9. Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider

Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider WordPress Plugin
The Zoom In/Out Slider comes in four flavors:

  • Fixed dimensions
  • Full width
  • Full screen
  • Side Bar Slider/Mini-Gallery

Each style can be further enhanced by choosing from one of the three predefined skins and a fade or slide transition. The Zoom In/Out effect runs smoothly in all major browsers. You may choose to zoom in various directions: towards left, center, right with top, or bottom. With the newly added video gallery and a basic slider version with image optimization parameters and text animation options, the Zoom In/Out Slider is sure to cover all your basic slider needs.

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10. KenBurner Slider

KenBurner Slider WordPress Plugin
This is another slider drawing inspiration from the slow pan/zoom Ken Burns effect. The Ken Burns effect here is fully customizable, allowing you to choose the start and end point of the zoom, as well as the zoom factor and depth(in/out). You can also just leave it to chance and go random. The image effect can be complimented with various caption animation options. You can create as many animation layers as you like with the elements of your choice(text, icons, photos, etc.) and control their entrance and exit onto your slider stage.

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11. Logos Showcase

Logos Showcase – Multi-Use Responsive WordPress Plugin
This is a great special purpose small scale slider intended to display a set of logos of your clients, sponsors, partners, supporters, or anyone with a logo, really. This is basically a reservoir of thumbnails that may be used to link to other content. The images can also be displayed in a grid instead of a slider/carousel format. Both formats are responsive.
The Logos Showcase plugin has a basic set of appearance enhancing features such as pre-built styles, transition speed adjustment capability and more. A fast and simple way to give kudos to clients, promote sponsors, display products, or anything else you can think of.

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